Friday, May 30, 2014

New Beginnings


So I have three blogs. I started {Smatterings of} Wifey & Whimsy right after I returned from my Hawaii honeymoon-- a very BYU-married-student thing to do, haha :) It was abandoned pretty quickly for two reasons:

1. I felt presumptuous to be posting recipes and other know-it-all items, and
2. I felt... predictable. Of course I would start a blog! It was only a matter of time because I love crafts and Pinterest, and HTML (haha, yeah right), and attention, and--cough--procrastinating

My second blog, Claire Falco Photography, is still a thang. I really love this blog because it contains my photography business information. BOOM. Official (hah, kind of). I have had so much fun playing around with (plug. PLUG, PLUG, PLUG!) and Photoshop. The only problem is that there is--in my opinion--no room for my non-work life. Thus, the birth of my third timely blog:

Mrs. Med School. Did I exercise creativity composing the title? Not quite. Did I come up with a title in less than ten seconds? You bet. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to employing this blog a lot! I'm guessing I'll rely on this little hub considerably.

So, first things first: My husband, Jeff has been accepted to two medical schools: St. Louis University and Texas A&M. We are seriously leaning towards the latter mostly because of cost. Also, it just seems right for us. I love that feeling.

Why another blog? I need a place to share our story with family, friends, and other medical school hopefuls that may stumble on over. That was the inspiration for this blog: searching in desperation for support from women who have been there with their husbands.

Also, please don't be alarmed by the never-ceasing aesthetic changes to my blog. This tends to happen. Haha, it's my favorite part! :)

Here we go.

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