Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Deets

A story to start:

Last Tuesday, as the Falco's and I were preparing Carly, my sister-in-law for her mission in Zambia, Jeff threw open the door and announced excitedly, "I just got accepted to Texas A&M!" Positive sentiments flooded the room. I'm sure Jeff was ecstatic. I personally am very happy and the buzz of {increased} financial security can't be beat.

So we embark on our journey. The white coat ceremony is midway through July, which changes some of our plans. Right now we are looking up jobs and housing. That is pretty exciting. If anyone has a lead with either of those let me know, please! :)

Let's be clear on something, I will be working full time and Jeff will not work. Sugar mama in the house. The only other alternative we've discussed is going through the military. Apparently they will pay your tuition. Temping as that may be, the collateral is a little steep, in my opinion.

As a result we haven't really made a decision. If anyone has insights on their experience going through the military for medical school, please share. Seriously. To me it seems like such a gamble. I don't know how the military would shape our lives on the whole.

All we know at this point is that we are moving to Texas. I can't believe Jeff and I are going to be Texans, and we are so excited! In the meantime, we are literally living in my in-laws' basement #ohtheplacesyoullgo. Funny story (if you're inclined to laughing at our misery, haha):

Last night we left our dear Provo apartment. We stayed up waaay too late doing cleaning checks, blew our kisses and said our goodbyes with our Queen-sized mattresses strapped to our car. Jeff and his father, Chris spent so much time rachet-ing down those puppies, but what do you know, they popped right off. On the freeway. While I was praying that we would drive safely... Jeff said three quarters of the "s" word. Hah.

We got out of the car, Jeff tinkered while I lent a concerned gaze (I know little about that sort of thing), and we drove off again, not being able to see out our back window. About three minutes later we pulled over again. Our mattress was coming up! Ahhh! I imaged it sliding off the back and killing everybody, and ex-nayed all notions of driving on the freeway. We switched to backroads, although Jeff suggested driving 35 mph.

After getting lost a couple times in Draper neighborhoods and an hour and a half later, we decided to get something to keep us awake (it was well past midnight at this point). We pulled into a McDonald's (the one by you, Grandma!) and in the light of the golden arches we put the boxspring on top of the mattress, instead of the other way around. Genius! We got back on the freeway and made it to Kaysville by 2:30 AM. Sweet! It was a night that makes you grateful for other nights. Jeff woke up today and said, I am so glad it's not yesterday anymore. Meee too.

I also feel inclined to add that I may throw projects and meals and such in here. From time to time I feel that urge and this may be a good landing place for my DIYs.

We are excited to move to Texas! I am excited that all of our boxes are packed two months in advance. We will keep you posted!


Friday, May 30, 2014

New Beginnings


So I have three blogs. I started {Smatterings of} Wifey & Whimsy right after I returned from my Hawaii honeymoon-- a very BYU-married-student thing to do, haha :) It was abandoned pretty quickly for two reasons:

1. I felt presumptuous to be posting recipes and other know-it-all items, and
2. I felt... predictable. Of course I would start a blog! It was only a matter of time because I love crafts and Pinterest, and HTML (haha, yeah right), and attention, and--cough--procrastinating

My second blog, Claire Falco Photography, is still a thang. I really love this blog because it contains my photography business information. BOOM. Official (hah, kind of). I have had so much fun playing around with (plug. PLUG, PLUG, PLUG!) and Photoshop. The only problem is that there is--in my opinion--no room for my non-work life. Thus, the birth of my third timely blog:

Mrs. Med School. Did I exercise creativity composing the title? Not quite. Did I come up with a title in less than ten seconds? You bet. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to employing this blog a lot! I'm guessing I'll rely on this little hub considerably.

So, first things first: My husband, Jeff has been accepted to two medical schools: St. Louis University and Texas A&M. We are seriously leaning towards the latter mostly because of cost. Also, it just seems right for us. I love that feeling.

Why another blog? I need a place to share our story with family, friends, and other medical school hopefuls that may stumble on over. That was the inspiration for this blog: searching in desperation for support from women who have been there with their husbands.

Also, please don't be alarmed by the never-ceasing aesthetic changes to my blog. This tends to happen. Haha, it's my favorite part! :)

Here we go.