Friday, December 5, 2014


This post is super old... I just never published it and thought I'd share this morning. :)

Texas just has a way of capturing my heart. The people are wonderful, the food is incredible, and the weather in winter is really ideal. One of the most fabulous things I've experienced in Texas in our four-ish months here so far is the Brazos Valley County Fair. My gosh.

We met up with several friends and enjoyed walking around the fair, listening to performers, attending a rodeo, checking out booths, and playing with lots of animals. We have great friends here. 

This was [literally] my first rodeo. I learned why the horses buck and was super weirded out. I watched kiddos mutton bust and fell in love (for those who, like me, have little exposure to mutton busting, it's when little kids--like five-year-olds-- ride a sheep as long as they can. It is seriously the cutest thing).  The mutton busting announcer was the best, "Our next competitor is from Bryan, TX... His name is Billy and he loves chicken nuggets!"

The petting zoo at the fair was Jeff's dream come true. There were tons of deer roaming around and people could feed them out of their hands! Deer are really soft and beautiful up close. Aren't they lovely?

Can we talk about this baby goat? Oh my goodness, so sweet.

I love ferris wheels. So pretty. :)

Turkey legs.

Anyway, I love this place. It's not like anywhere else.

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