Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just Some Thoughts

I go into this post apprehensively--not because I am about to write something taboo or profound or anything, but because I know it's about to be a thought dump. That is what's happening in my brain right now and it might as well be on the internet, amiright?

I will try to organize these into succinct, little points.

1. Exercise and Pregnancy

I LOVE exercise! I don't understand how I go through bouts of inactivity when I know how great I feel after a good work out... Seriously, the rewards of an active life are astounding, especially in pregnancy. Since I still have the go-ahead from my doctor, I can't afford not to go. So, yeah, I walked at an old-lady pace for 25 minutes and had a sub-par leg day. Lame as this may be, I still went and I still feel great so I feel like a winner. Let's hope that earns me an easy postpartum recovery, haha.

2.  My Little Brother

Mid-backflip, which Nick always seemed to be pre-mission, haha :)
Nicholas Wheatley is serving a mission in France. He is the most positive missionary I have ever met. He is all sunshine. I started reading his companion's blog and this was reaffirmed to me. What a little stud. I love my brother. He is a great example all the time. Also, he has a blog as of yesterday. Ch-check it out!

3. Preparing for Riley

How in the heck does someone prepare for a baby? I am just feeling a little baffled. On the flip side, our car is fixed and all the doors successfully lock and unlock with both our key and key remote! We are installing the car seat tonight! So excited.

Since I have some free time before baby comes, I am looking for good baby prep books. I am pretty picky due to my Family Studies degree (I want my baby to be well-adjusted in the long run, so I want books that support authoritative parenting, please), so if anyone has suggestions for non-crazy books. Please let me know in the comments.

Also, I had two very special baby showers last week. They were awesome and I am so, so grateful for the love and support from so many friends and coworkers. We are so very blessed.

4. Sort of Starting to Feel Sentimental

I have four work days left. Those kids are sure cute. They are getting cuter as I'm getting closer to leaving. I believe this is 95 percent psychological. They keep hugging my legs and even lovingly patting my baby bump and my goodness, I am going to miss them.

Most days I feel really strained at work. There is so much crazy in that classroom. There are times I would like to delegate some strenuous responsibility and I can't. There are not always enough people to help. I have said this before and people tell me, "Well, one day you'll have other children to take care of when you're pregnant and you won't have people to delegate to." This is true, however, I doubt I will ever have 10 2-year-old Falcos while pregnant. I feel entitled to delegating for now. It doesn't matter anyway, because I literally have less than a week left!

5. To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I am suppose to sleep bank right now. Hm. Last night I couldn't really sleep though. I tossed and turned sleepily for about six hours (which felt like five due to Daylight's Savings). I already feel like a zombie and we don't even have a newborn yet.

My query is should I try to intervene and make the most of the available restful nights I have left (meditate, take a bath before bed, exercise more, etc.), or should I just roll with it and have a leg up when my baby comes. Thoughts?

6. The Easiest Move of my Life

I feel so lucky to move before the baby comes. I walked past our new apartment today and noticed that management has been cleaning things up. I even poked my head in the window and I am feeling pretty good about what lies ahead. I do not feel motivated to pack. I realize this is not so good, but, you guys, We are just walking down the stairs and around the corner. I can just carry my clothes on the hanger and put them away in probably 40 seconds. That is phenomenal. I will pack most things for real though, so no worries.

That's all. Just a nice, chill day and taking time to document it.



  1. Have you read Bringing up Bebe? I don't have a baby, but I like some of the ideas the book presents!

    1. I haven't yet. I will have to check that out for sure! :)

  2. Ugh, I just wrote this long comment -- and it didn't post. Because I don't want to write it all again, I will just say read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child": life changing. And I have started reading "Parenting with Love and Logic" and am impressed. Call me, I am passionate about these and we can chat - maybe in 4 days when you are no longer working! ;)

    1. Sarah, I would love to talk to you! I will definitely call. :) I have heard good things about "Parenting with Love and Logic" and I am excited to look at "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child."