Sunday, June 1, 2014

Regular Life

I am committed to posting regularly whether some med-school related thing has happened or not. As it goes, today no med-school related thing has happened, besides, perhaps that it was the last day that we could get accepted to other Texas schools.

Apparently, if you are accepted into a Texas med school other Texas schools cannot accept you after June 1. We are content with that. Seriously, A&M is going to be super awesome! I get more excited every day.

Aside from that, today was very fun. I got to see my beautiful friend Jessica at her twin baby shower. :) She is so lovely! I mean, check out that bump:

 Her sister-in-law bought a new puppy that day. They named him Loki and he was so cute!

After the shower, Michelle, my mother-in-law, and I went shopping at a great boutique in Draper and I got a new statement necklace for $4.99 and a dress for $3.00. Not bad. The dress is still in the bag, but the necklace got some action at my cousin's graduation party tonight. :) It's featured below in this cute shot along with my sweet cousin Zoie. We're BFFs. 

While I'm at it, let's just talk about how gorgeous my cousins are! Great genetics, guys. :)

Dang, these kids are cute!

The graduation party was great. It was wonderful, but the wind destroyed a couple mason jars and picture frames so we moved the party inside Natalie's super cute house.

 Beautiful graduates Vanessa and Asia. All the little details were incredible. Shout out to Manjanique, Natalie and everyone else who made it a fantastic party!!


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