Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loving Life with Mister J

Jeff and I have a whopping two weeks until we move to College Station. Here's how we're spending our last fortnight together (implicating I plan on not seeing him much when school starts...just being realistic).

We are in one of my favorite places: San Diego. There is just something really excellent about this place. Here's a day in the life according to the camera...

We are here for a week and then we're going to Canada with some of our good friends (Mike and Ally and Brett and Julie {and baby Ellie}). Mike and Brett also got accepted to med school this year. We will all be moving south. Brett and Julie are actually going to Texas A&M, too! So awesome.

I mostly say all this because I plan on being somewhat absent until we settle. At least then I will have some things to report about medical school for real!!

Also, I got an interview for a perfect job. I would get to teach three-year-olds at Jeff's school. That strikes me as perfect. Keep your fingers crossed for us, puh-lease. :)

Love you all!

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