Friday, October 31, 2014

A Spot of Good News (Week 5 Update)

Originally written around August 20, 2014.

I'm pregnant... [ohmygoshisthisreallife?!!!!]

First reactions:

Total excitement!!!!

Here's how I found out:

I was laying in bed trying to figure out what my due date would be if I were hypothetically pregnant right now. I began to say my closing prayer and asked Heavenly Father to let us be pregnant right now. I thought about taking a test in the morning because my period was a little over a week late (day 37 of my cycle) and spontaneously decided to take a test right then. I covered it with toilet paper because I'm suppose to wait at least three minutes before reading the test. I was a little hopeful, but realistically expected a negative result because it was nighttime (and HCG levels are highest in the first bathroom trip of the day) and because I had had 24 ounces of water about an hour and a half before. I figured everything would be too watered down to be accurate anyway.

BOOM! Pregnant. Right now. Watered-down pee and all. I am fairly certain the day of my last period was July 11, 2014, so my due date is... April 17, 2015. Perfect. Right between our birthdays. :) I am stoked for this little baby. The time is so right. I am so happy in my life since I moved to Texas. I am happier than I have been in about six years. By a long shot. I feel so peaceful about everything. Also, I know how badly Jeff wants a baby, even though he is in medical school. What a champ.

Notwithstanding all these perfect factors, I have to say I think the Lord was partially waiting on me. I reached a stage not long ago when I wanted to put off having children--by several years. I wanted more financial security, which we won't have for almost ten years. I wanted to prepare myself more. I wanted to be perceived by the world as a mature adult before having children. Then my friend Carerra texted me and said she felt like I should read this talk.

The talk tells the story of a man in medical school who thought maybe he and his wife should wait to have children so his wife could work. President Spencer W. Kimball told the man he didn't think the Lord would want the couple to put off one of the Lord's most important commandments so he could become a doctor. He asks the man, "Where is your faith?"

The talk also says that Adam and Eve did not have their children in the Garden of Eden. Tons of ancient (and modern-day) prophets had their children in days of tribulation. The Lord wants us to multiply and replenish the Earth. It is not possible to have kids when all circumstances are perfect because children will never be born in perfect circumstances.

After reading this, I gained faith in the Lord in regard to having children when His timing is right. It's amazing that as soon as I aligned my will with the father I found out I was expecting. Okay, I get it. :)

Anyway, I am so grateful to be pregnant. :)

We are SO blessed.