Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What is this Day?

I haven't posted in forever--sorry. Today was so crazy I deemed it blog-worthy. Here's the short version:

(1) I was screened for ebola
(2) Jeff lost a tooth. Yay!!--oh wait.

I think I have the flu. I am staying home from work and going to an Instacare tomorrow. My conversation with an on-call nurse this evening went a little like this:

Nurse: "What's wrong?" In more words.
Me: "I have the flu."
Nurse: "Who told you you have the flu?" Seriously?
Me: "Um.. the internet."
Nurse: [typical symptom and health background questions]
Me: [typical normal responses]
Nurse: "I have to ask all patients this: have you been to West Africa in the last month?"
Me: "No."
Jeff: "Oh my gosh; she's screening you for ebola."
Nurse: "Are you confused? Do you know your address? Have you been exposed to anyone who has been out of the country in the last month?"
Me: "Uh...oh yes. I know my address. No, I'm not very confused at all. I work at a daycare with tons of kids from other countries. Oh, gosh. I have no idea if I've been exposed to anything."
. . .
Nurse: "Definitely see a doctor in the next 24 hours."

I am pretty certain I don't have ebola, but I better post something on my blog now in case I get quarantined. -__-

And yes, Jeff lost a tooth playing flag football. It's one of his front two top teeth. Thankfully, it's a tooth that has already been knocked out twice before (thrice if we're counting baby teeth, ha). The first time it was lodged in his best friend's knee; the second it broke off while eating a peanut-butter-honey sandwich, really. Tonight, some shorter guy clocked Jeff in the face with his head--I mean, can we just count our blessings that this is all happening to one already-fake tooth?!

He came home looking like a hockey player with his swimsuit trunks on purposely inside-out (it was his best shot at pocketless shorts).

Also, I watched Jumangi tonight. I just have no idea what is real life right now. Somebody get me another throat lozenge (<-- took me three tries to spell 'throat' correctly).

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  1. Oh my goodness. I hope you are ok. I am sure you dont have ebola. Sheesh. Also Jumanji rocks!