Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Riley is the Cutest

My baby is three and a half weeks old. She is growing up but she is still so tiny. :) I adore her.

Well, here's an update on our lives:

Jeff is nearly done with school. He has a just over a week left. He has been so helpful with Riley and he is still handling school. I am always so impressed by all he can juggle. It's amazing! We are sleep-deprived, but happy.Yesterday it hit me how much I like being a mom. Notwithstanding the struggles of having a baby, being a mom is pretty rad.

Riley likes long walks and laying on her changing pad. She calms down almost immediately when we hold her close to our chest. She likes car rides and being outside. She has got some strong little neck muscles and she has rolled from her stomach to her side three times in the last two days (1. Is that considered rolling over? 2. Is it normal for that to happen this early?) Anyway, she is a little champ. 

I finally made a birth announcement today as well, so, you know... Now it's official. :)

I hope you have a great week!


  1. Love her birth announcement!!! So adorable.
    What fonts did you use? and do you make your own flower images? (used in the announcement and your new blog header) soon cute!

    1. Thanks. :) The cursive font and flowers on her announcement are part of a collection called Pillowbook and the flowery blog elements were from Etsy. I do make a lot of my own graphics though. :)

    2. The sans-serif font is called Moon Flower and it's one of my favorites.