Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birthday and Anniversary Shenanigans

First of all, hey! I have been absent lately for plenty of good reasons but primarily because of this cutie pie:

Yeah, she's precious.

Well, I don't have great pictures today, but I still need to write because this week was my birthday and my anniversary. It's one of those obligatory posts, you know...

So, birthday:

Jeff's birthday was two months ago, but whatever. I like sharing. :)

I have reached one of those arbitrary ages, so it's not too exciting. Yay, birth! Thanks, Mom. :)

Anniversary :

Claire: let's take a three-year-anniversary selfie.

Jeff: okay.

It was too bright for me, but apparently Jeff was unphased, haha. I am a mess. Also, do we look as tired as we feel? Because we are sleep deprived something fierce.

As a matter of fact, I have noticed a serious drop in my brain power since having a baby; the struggle is so real when I try looking at a menu, articulating my thoughts, or playing Bananagrams. It's getting out of hand, but goodness am I grateful for my wee babe. I need a nap, but here I am blogging at midnight while my baby is asleep. It's my life.

Well, here's a little update. Riley is six weeks old! She is really sweet and she gets cuter and more fun each day. She just started smiling voluntarily. 😍

She is still a bitty, little thing. She still fits in all her newborn clothes except for one pj set. She is long and skinny. It is so adorable.

She still has gas and a little acid reflux we think. It's her biggest struggle in life right now. She is fussy about half the time. The other half she stares fascinated at chair legs, walls, and other novel, high-contrast treasures. Haha.

I have been working really hard at eating right to prevent her aforementioned gas and reflux. You. Guys. No dairy, no gluten, no chocolate, no spicy food, no broccoli, no happiness. The list, if you can believe it is longer than that. Think I'm exaggerating? I am not. She has the hardest time if I indulge.

Healthy food. Boo. Just kidding. It is really refreshing and I like getting creative with oatmeal and rice products (feed me normal food!)...

Another update, I bought a great book for my birthday. It's called Permission to Parent. Just good old-fashioned authoritative parenting lit.

Can you believe it? More oatmeal. 

I love this book. I am 65 pages in and highly recommend.

Alright. I am getting my priorities straight and calling it a night.

Have a great week!

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