Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Life Lately + Four-Step Burp Cloths Video

Hi guys,
Well, here I am on the couch. I feel guilty for not being super productive at present, but do you know what? I learned to sew and made a video and edited my HTML so that my blog videos are bigger. So, I am going to show you instead of do my dishes. That is just where we are today, haha.

Anyway, I made these really cute, really soft flannel and minky burp cloths! They were suuuuper easy and I cranked out four in no time and for very little money. I used this tutorial and just tweaked it slightly. Watch my video to see how I made these and then subscribe and do other YouTube things. :)

You know, I do this because I really love making pretty videos. I have really started to love sewing as well. I thought it would never really work out for me, but guess what, I have made leggings, a baby skirt, a Moby wrap, a tutu, baby bows, and an apron since January. I think I am about where I should be. 


Well, how about an update on life? Jeff is very busy with medical school. He told me just last night that the material they covered in three weeks during last block they now cover in two. Not to mention the fact that he is not particularly loving microbiology. I guess that doesn't make all heads pop off their pillows in the morning. 

I am doing well! 

I love third trimester. I love it so much more than first trimester and even second trimester. I really love not being nauseous. I love having a giant baby bump. I love watching and feeling my baby move. I love people volunteering to do things for me, like carry a gallon of milk, haha. I mean, really. It's the coolest.

Also, we have found a place to live! We are moving into a place that is just an elevator ride away from our apartment. It is almost 300 square feet bigger and we can move in right before Spring Break. Perfect.

So, that's about it. :) I love Texas. I love America. I love You. 


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