Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hello internet,

So, I am alive! I really mean I am a little more present in a cyber sense. Effective tomorrow I am done working full-time before this baby gets here. I have my life back a little! I am grateful to have some time to prepare and for those who are curious, the baby is doing well, although my doctor was the one who recommended the change. Also, if you are wondering I don't have a specified end date at work presently. Let's just say I hope to work as long as I can. I anticipate working part-time until April. We will see, of course.

Confession time: I have written a couple posts that I have saved as drafts because they are not finished. I am ashamed to have posted nothing for about two months! What kind of blogger am I? Well, a busy and distracted one, at best. I suppose I will post those soon and get my readers up to speed with what I did over Christmas break and such.

Also, I am 30 weeks! That means our baby girl is almost 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds. Also that means I am three-quarters of the way finished with this pregnancy! That is wonderful. So far third trimester has been pleasant. I have been a little bit sick and exhausted, but it's been a good experience.

I really don't feel that I have anything of merit to share right now considering that I ought to finish those procrastinated posts. I will say though that things are going well.

So yeah... It's good to be back!

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