Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We're Back (in Texas)!

Oh hey you guys!

Wow. Now that summer is more or less over (at least over for my second-year-med-school husband) I will update my 11 12 readers on our life, haha. :)

My hiatus, while unannounced, was pretty much planned. I didn't particularly want the internet to know I was away from our home for the better part of four months...That would be bad. So here we are! Enthusiastic about another round of Texas.

I seriously have so many updates. You know what? We are just going to make it a series. Stay tuned--I'm talking to you, grandmas--I will review the following:

Day One:
Visiting Utah this summer
Day Two:
Two trips to Jackson Hole (and one trip to Yellowstone)
Day Three:
Fourth of July and Riley. Of course.
Day Four:
A stellar family reunion
Day Five:
Our family pictures in beautiful Park City
Day Six:
The sewing projects I took on this summer.
Day Seven:
Random, albeit noteworthy events that aren't covered in the above categories.

It's good to be back.

Thank you to everyone who keeps checking in for updates. Y'all keep me motivated. :)

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