Monday, September 21, 2015

#MedschoolMonday | 20 Date Ideas for Medical Students


I hope you are having a phenomenal week so far. Today I wanted to share some dating ideas for medical-school couples.
Sometimes we go all out. We commit time and resources to dates on special occasions, but we are poor and Jeff is busy, so this is a non-comprehensive list of fun, cheap dates that accommodate a second-year medical student's schedule:

Taken by Sami Jo at Sierra's wedding

1. Go get snow cones, ice cream, or smoothies
2. Watch a local sports game--this post comes to you from a middle school football game
3. Go for a walk
4. If your community has it, rent a puppy
5. Volunteer together
6. Read out loud--we love reading Harry Potter and the scriptures mostly
7. Play games
8. Double date with friends, neighbors, or other med students
9. Exercise or go to the recreation center
10. Cook together
11. Take sack lunches to the park
12. Create a time capsule adding memories of your life together--ours includes our wedding invitations, a mixed cd, written notes, ticket stubs from other dates, and pictures
13. Host love language olympics--figure out each other's love languages then see who can out-serve the other
14. Make a five-year plan then look at real estate in your planned hypothetical location
15. Check out local attractions
16. Mini golf
17. Attend school or church dances
18. Go on a bike ride
19. Go to a restaurant you've never tried
20. Go to the farmer's market

Now get on out there and continue your courtship, scholars.

Have a good week and come back for Wifey Wednesday (I will talk about this last weekend and what I love about motherhood) and Satur-DIY (I will show how to make bows like the one below)!

If you missed my last post, go check it out! I made a cutesy macaron (fancy, delicious, French cookie) tutorial.

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  1. I'm excited for the next bow tutorial! Also, rent a puppy?!?!? What magic is this?!