Monday, September 7, 2015

#MedSchoolMonday | Expectations vs. Reality

Hey! I thought I would share my medical school expectations vs. reality. Mind you, this is my husband's second year of medical school. Things could change in the future and I always plan for the worst, as you are about to see, haha.

E X P E C T A T I O N S :

Jeff would always be busy; I.e., we'd never see each other again until, like, 2027.

Although it's not how he'd want it, Jeff would miss date nights, holidays, and activities.

Jeff would never have the time to help with chores, meals, kids, etc.

We would be very sad and lonely; akin to wandering through the wilderness.

My husband's success would depend on how supportive I am.

We would slowly drift away, living different lives, becoming strangers, and wanting to die.

R E A L I T Y :

We have a date night every week and hang out for more than an hour almost every night. 

We went to all our church parties last year (and Jeff even helped me plan, set up for, and execute a Christmas party for our whole church). 

The only time we missed a party we wanted to go to was when I had Riley, so, my fault.

My husband is basically always willing and available to help when I need him. I try to support him as much as I can, but he volunteers to change diapers, prepare meals, clean up, as well as encourages me to take long naps. What a guy.

Jeff does study a lot; basically all the live long day (if you count Quizlet flashcards on his phone). I entertain myself A LOT. I don't even mind that I put that in all caps because it's so true. Here's how I do it.

Our relationship has really ripened since school started. You can read about that here.

Jeff is a scholastically self-sufficient guy, but he says it helps when I pack him a lunch and do the laundry. 

While we spend our time doing very different things, I learn a lot about the human body and Jeff's life. I am involved and we are even planning service we can do together this year.

In the last year we have made separate trips to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Louisiana, Utah twice, Yellow Stone, and Jackson Hole. Twice. Not sure how that happened, but I can't complain.

We share quite a few friends. Many of them are medical students, too. We actually hang out with these people! Regularly.

Life is good. We do not want to die.
White Coat Ceremony 2014 
What about you, med school wives? Add your voice in the comments below.

Also, check in on Wifey Wednesday (sharing our story) and Satur-DIY (sharing a baby bow tutorial video)! Have a post suggestion? Put it in the comments. I am curious to see what y'all would want to see on this here blog. 

Happy Labor Day! 

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  1. I'm loving these med school posts! My expectations and reality were/are pretty similar to everything you listed. My M2 husband is doing med school in the Caribbean though, so the most drastic differences I've seen have been in my expectations and reality of living in a foreign country. It kind of spices up the whole crazy experience.