Monday, September 28, 2015

#MedSchoolMonday | Our Next Step

Lately Jeff and I have been discussing where to move next year. A&M has different tracks in different cities for third and fourth year. We are trying to choose between Round Rock (Jeff's current track), Houston, Dallas, and Temple. Jeff will spend most of his time in the hospital.

Does anybody have a good word to put in for any of these cities? We have been to all of them and they all have good qualities. We have to decide by December, I believe and it depends on which tracks are available when we apply. Houston has the best medical center. Round Rock and Dallas would be cool places to live, in my opinion. Temple has a great hospital, has low cost of living, and is close to bigger cities. Decisions...

In my experience I have loved everywhere I have lived; I have made great friends and enjoyed my surroundings. I know that wherever we choose will have great qualities and good people. It's just tricky deciding.

Where would you live?


  1. Well I guess I'll put a word in for Temple since that's where we are hoping to be haha. You've already mentioned the lower cost of living, but since it's the smallest city you'll also probably get the shortest commute to the hospital. Also, people sometimes don't want to live in Temple because there is no night life here and it's so family oriented but I have a feeling that might be a pro for your lists ;) . If you choose somewhere else, that just means we get somewhere cool to visit :D

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through that beautiful Book of Mormon reading chart you made. I love the floral theme, and your blog overall is just beautiful. I'm commenting here because we just moved back to Utah from Texas and we miss Texas so much! It may be too late, but I wanted to put in a good word for Houston. It's a really great city and the area we were in (Sugar Land) had quite a few med student families. The people were awesome and there are lots of restaurants and things to do. The children's museum was so much fun,and you would have the zoo, Galveston, Kemah Boardwalk and so many other fun places to visit. There are tons of parks to visit, too, which isn't necessarily and exclusive feature of Houston, but we just loved it. In our area there were a lot of young families with babies, too, and I just think it's nice to have people around that are in your same season of life. Anyway, you'll probably happy wherever you go because Texas is just amazing! As a side note, we LOVED Waco and are dreaming of moving back there someday, so Temple might be a good pick. Being right between Waco and Austin would give you a ton of options for things to do.

    I love your style and will definitely be checking back for more! Thanks for sharing!