Saturday, September 12, 2015

#Satur-DIY | Easy, No-sew Felt Baby Bow Tutorial

Hey guys!

Happy Saturday! We are currently skipping the local Czech festival. That is okay. I am under the impression that we are going swimming later. First I am here to share a special little video I put together. [Sigh] I love making videos.

Here you go! I have made five of these in the last couple days. They are super easy and they don't require any sewing materials--besides scissors.

I am excited to see if you try these out! Let me know in the comments. :)

PS - My baby is so flipping cute! I love documenting her, even if it's for a two-second crafting cameo.


  1. SOOOO CUTE!!!!!! If/when i'm have a girl-- i'm totally rewatching this and doing it!!! :D As always, so talented at the videos!!!

  2. SO adorable!! I need to make some for my new niece!!

  3. What a lovely video tutorial (and I love the music too!). And you are 100% correct - your little angel is so precious and cute. She looks simply adorable in that little DIY No-Sew Bow. :-)

  4. Baby bows have been my favorite project lately! I'll have to make one of these, way easier than what I've been doing!

  5. This bow is so cute and so is your daughter!!