Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Family, Friends, and a Trip to the Pool

Alright folks,

You have seen me through my summer-in-Utah updates and here is the last one (Yay! You did it!). This is that promised miscellaneous post (maybe I should not have promised a miscellaneous post, but what's done is done).

I am basically combing though my picture files for any uncovered summer events. Let's get them on the internet, shall we?

Kneaders with my family:

Trio Cafe with Jeff's Family

And a rainbow.

A Kaysville Reunion

Riley's first dip in the pool, about which she was mostly indifferent:

 I'll tell you what. Those restaurants are good. And not in our vicinity. We are excited to make another pilgrimage to the promised land.

Okie dokie. Have a great day and come back later when I give Riley's four-month update (It's mostly just a photoshoot--like everyday of her life).

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