Monday, August 24, 2015

#MedSchoolMonday | M2 So Far So Good

Here is a quick update on this semester so far. I realize I under-post about medical school considering the title of this here blog. For that reason I have decided to create a stricter blogging schedule.

Welcome to the very first #MedSchoolMonday! I am a little embarrassed about this, but hey, haha.

For this post I will interview my husband who is hanging out with me.

Q: Hi, Jeff. How are ya?
A: Good.

Q: How is medical school treating you?
A: It's treating me well. Not as well as you're treating me though.

Q: How about Step 1 preparation?
A: Good. I think I've got a system figured out. It's top secret... I use Firecracker then I'll hit things a little harder after this next block with more Firecracker, Pathoma, and First Aid.

Q: You have an exam today. How many flashcards did you create in preparation? How many hours do you think you studied actively and passively.
A: Mmm, 280-ish (Totaling about 7500 flashcards so far). 250 hours actively and I never study passively (haha, okay then).

Q: How would you describe the M2 experience thus far?
A: Um, overall it's been pretty good. It's nice to learn things that are perhaps more clinically relevant. Because of that my time is being put to more affective use. 

Q: Anything you would like to say?
A: Stay classy. Keep on keeping on.

Isn't he great? You keep on keeping on, Jeff Falco. :)

As for the new posting schedule, in addition to #MedSchoolMonday, I have also committed myself to #WifeyWednesday (yep, went there) to keep up on our normal lives and #Satur-DIY where I will post my latest projects and tutorials. So definitely check back soon!



  1. Love this post. Can't wait to read #WifeyWednesday!!

  2. Very cute! Reminds me of Grey's Anatomy!

  3. Super cute! And I'm looking forward to your regularly scheduled posts! Keep on keeping on!

  4. This is really cute!

  5. Oyyyy, makes me glad I'm done with school! No more flash cards!!

  6. Lots of work but it will worth it. I love the interview!

  7. Congrats on your new series - it's a keeper! I've found that blogging series are a wonderful way to keep the bloggy wheels turning.