Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Riley is Four Months!

Four months is fun, but doesn't offer us as much in the sleep department, except for this one time Riley fell asleep just in time for a photo shoot. Cute baby. :)

Those rolls tho. Too sweet.

She is sweet and fun. 

She coos all the time.

She is a hardcore thumbsucker.

When she's happy she makes, like, a raptor sound. I really can't describe it...

She continues to steal our hearts (cheesy, but true).

At her last appointment she weighed 12 pounds 2 ounces (11th percentile).

She was 24 and a quarter inches long (40th percentile).

Her head was 16 inches around (25th percentile).

Go, Riley, go!


  1. It's so lovely! congratulation!
    Italia caruso

  2. What a cutie!! Happy 4 months Riley!

  3. SO CUTE! Can our girlies be friends? My little one is 3 months as of tomorrow, I know she needs a partner in crime! P.S. You take amazing photos of her, tell me everything.